Environment Control


01. Proper design of material handling system to prevent spillage lading to pollution.
02. Complete closed gallery for all conveyors’s to prevent fine particle dust getting blown in atmosphere due to wind.
03. Complete concrete floor for storage of Raw Materials.
04. Water tanker for water spray on the road.
05. Bag filter’s for different circuits having suction at receiving points, discharge points and transfer points.

A. Bag Filter
Systems Name Application Bag filter capacity m3 / Hr
DE-1 Coal Screen House 100,000
DE-2 Product Storage House, PSB, I Bin 100,000
DE-3 Iron Ore Screen House, Transfer Tower – 1 & Fines Bin. 70,000
DE-4 Coal Crusher House. 60,000
DE-5 Transfer House-4 + Cooler Discharge building 60,000
DE-6 Day Bin 70,000
DE-7 Transfer tower II &III. 30,000
DE-8 After Burning Chamber Building 28,000
DE-9 Kiln Cooler Transfer Building 28,000

B. Hopper’s:
High pressure atomizing with water fogging system

C. Electro static precipitator:
Gas Quality – 1, 37,668 NM3 / Hr & 2, 38,782 M3 / Hr, Temp - 180ºc.
Raw gas dust content at ESP inlet - 18,787GMS/M3, 32.6g/NM3
Clean gas dust content - <50mg / NM3.

D.Gas conditioning tower:
Gas volume - 86, 215NM3/Hr, 3, 67,174 AM3/Hr
Inlet Temp. - 920ºc
Outlet Temp - 180ºc

Pollution Control Measures taken by MGM Steels Ltd.

A.Quality Control Laboratory
a. Fume chamber with scrubber FC-1500.
b. Preparation of Material for sampling & analysis various latest equipment have been installed having in-built Dust Extraction System.

1. Jaw Crusher (IJC-1) : Iron Ore
Feed Size : 65mm
Product Size : 8mm to 10mm

Second Pass
Feed Size : up to 10mm
Product Size : Less than 1mm

2. Jaw Crusher (IJC-2) : Coal
Feed Size : -50mm
Product Size : -10mm

3. Jaw Crusher (IJC-3) : Sponge Iron
Feed Size : -18mm
Product Size : -06mm

4. Vibratory Cup mil : Iron Ore
Input Size : 8-10mm
Output Size : up to 5 microns

5. Vibratory Cup mil : Sponge Iron
Input Size : 8-10mm
Output Size : up to 5 microns

B. To prevent Noise Pollution.

1. Air Compressor with proper acoustic enclosure.
Sl. No. Air Compressor Model Capacity CFM Bar Nos.
01 GA 90A 572 7.5 06
02 GA 37A 220 7.5 03

2. Lobe Compressor with proper acoustic enclosure.
Sl. No. Air Compressor Model Capacity CFM Bar Nos.
01 AEC-36 2400 10,000 MMWG 02

3. Diesel Generating set with proper acoustic enclosure.
Sl. No. Model Make KVA Nos.
01 KTA-50G 81 Cummins/Jakson 1500 02
02 KTA-50G 3 Aggreko 1250 01

C. Air/Water Pollution arising out of operation of Industries.

To take care of Dust Pollution during plant operation, 09 nos. of Dust Extraction systems have been installed at different location of the plant. Dust Extraction systems are designed to operate on auto mode and it will arrest fine particles form transfer points and fine dust particles will get separated as the gas will pass through bag filters. The dust collected on the bag filters will get collected in hoppers provided below the dust extraction system.
We have also installed Pneumatic Dust Evacuation System below the dust collecting hoppers which will facilitate in transportation of dust through pipes from hopper to Silo.
To avoid dust pollution during Kiln operation Electro Static Precipitator (ESP) has been installed in the flue gas path to arrest fine particles from the gas before going to Chimney. In addition to above we have also installed the following to take care of pollution & monitoring the parameters.

i. Wet scrappers have been installed below GCT & ABC.
ii. Gas Cooling Tower (GCT) has been installed to take care environment norms especially when Waste Heat Recovery Boiler will be down for maintenance.
iii. All belt conveyors have been provided with closed gallery to avoid dust pollution during storm.
iv. Opacity meter is installed on Chimney to have continuous monitoring of gas coming out from Chimney.
v. We are also installing ambient air quality monitor equipments at 03 (Three) location of the plant to monitor air quality on 24 hours basis.

To take care of water pollution we will be constructing robust setting and recirculation system. The clear water from recirculation tank will be used for dust conditioning and other miscellaneous work.

We have done extensive plantation work within the plant area.
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