Our Environment


The major afforestation programmes have been carried out since the existing mines opened in 1986. Extensive plantation and Green Belt have been developed around the ML Area, Base Boundary, O.B Dump, Mines Road, and Safety Zones. This afforestation programme has been extended to the outside of our Lease Boundary e.g Peripheral Villages, Labour Colonies and Avenue Plantation on both sides of the road in consultation with the local area DFO.

Between 1993 to 2009 more than 25000 trees have been planted and the average survival rate is more than 75%. The native pieces of plants uses are Akasia, Karanja, Gambhari, Kathabadam, Samara, Debdaru, Chakhunda and Mango etc.

Pollution Control

Air Pollution Control :

MGM in all its mines has adopted dust suppression system to arrest dust pollution. Fugitive Dust Emissions are being controlled regularly. There are dedicated water tankers to sprinkle water on all haulage roads. Water sprinklers have been installed at all loading and unloading points. MGM has adopted complete Wet Drilling Measures. DTH machines have inbuilt Water Injection System, Dust Extraction and Filtration System during the process of drilling. While using jack hammer and rock drills for short hole drilling, wet drilling method is also adopted and wet covers are used. Our Crushing Plant has both Dry Fog System and Atomized Water Spray to make the dust generation negligible. Most Conveyors have been provided with Dust Encapsulation System. Vehicular Emission and Emission from other machineries are regularly monitored and kept under control.

Noise Pollution Control System :

Adequate measures are being taken for control of noise levels below 85 dBA in the work environment. Workers engaged in blasting and drilling operations, operations of Mining Machineries & Equipments etc. has been provided with ear plugs/muffs. Workers in Noise generating areas and engaged with noise generating machinery are subjected to audiometric tests annually. The noise level study carried out is within permissible limit. Acoustic Covers on generator and compressors have been provided. There is Regular noise checks by Decibel Meters to check for excessive noise in machineries.

Water Pollution Control System :

A comprehensive Water Management Plan has ensured that there is almost no water pollution in the mines and nearby area. Construction of proper storm drains, elimination of spillage of Iron ore Fines, proper waste management programme, recycling of waste help us to achieve this. A series of settling ponds have been constructed to settle contamination, arrest silts and sediment flows from mining operations and the water thus collected is utilized in the watering of mining areas, roads, green belt development etc. All drains are regularly desalted and maintained. The mines and camp area have a water harvesting system as per approved consultant which helps in recharging the ground water level. Any washing-off of overburden is prevented by extensive green cover, retaining walls, garland drain and siltation ponds.

Environment Monitoring

Environmental consultant having adequate knowledge and experience is engaged for monitoring the environmental parameters along with environmental review. Ambient air quality-monitoring stations have been established in the core zone as well as in the buffer zone, monitored by a recognized Consultant quarterly in a proper manner at differently located sampling points. All environmental parameters with regards to air, water, noise, waste etc. are monitored and recorded. Drinking water samples of nearby areas are taken at random intervals to check their potability.

Health & Safety


  • Proper design of benches, roads and dumps as per statute.
  • Strict implementation of all statuary provisions while working in different parts of mines.
  • Modulewise Training is provided to all workers as per schedule.
  • Functioning of A Safety Committee.
  • Implementation of Risk Management Process .
  • Provision of all type of safety & protective equipment & ensuring their proper use.
  • Fire Fighting & Fire Retardents near all equipment & other necessary places like Crusher plant, Stores, Workshop etc.
  • Mock Drills for testing preparedness in case of a demanding emergency situation.
  • All workers and operators are checked for any traces of intoxication before being allowed to work.
  • Checking of driving license and fitness of all vehicles before allowed entering into mines.
  • Checking the road worthiness of all vehicles enetering into the mines.
  • Ensuring proper maintanence of all Vehicles and Machinery .
  • Provision of proper maintenance shade for safe maintenance.
  • Energy isolation during maintenance, cleaning & lubrication of moving parts.
  • Proper Earthing for all electrical equipments & regular testing of the effectiveness , Lightening Arrestors wherever deemed necessary.
  • Speed Limits for all moving vehicles.
  • Signboards , Safety Boards , Caution Signs at all important locations & Instruction Boards near crucial equipments


  • Initial & Periodic Medical Examination of all workers as per statute.
  • In addition arrangement of periodic health camp in mines.
  • Provision of well equipped accommodations including canteen facility, drinking water through R.O system & recreation facilities.
  • Provision of Ambulance of all staffs & villagers.
  • Water sprinkling & dry fog arrangement to stop generation & propagation of dust.
  • Periodic scientific monitoring of vibration , noise, air & water within the parameters.
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